Brighten Your Smile With The Best Teeth Whitening Kits

Keep your secret safe in your bathroom cupboard!


Life happens and sometimes dentists aren't on top of your priority list. But, OH NO! you've drunk too much caffeine lately and those pearly whites are looking just as beige as your grandma's curtains! So, what better way to fix this smile blunder than at home teeth whitening kits! Ideal for fitting into your tight schedule, plus no awkward dentist appointments needed. The Best Products to achieve that picture perfect smile;

ON THE GO! - Keeko 


‘Peroxide-free and dentist approved!’ This teeth whitening pen by Keeko tops up your smile, keeping it white and fresh on the go.

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With an increasing range of products that include strips and toothpaste, Hismile has made a name for itself as ‘one of the biggest names in teeth whitening’. A new product has arrived this year, combining a mixture of their prize-winning PAP+ formula and their paramount VI0405 Light Technology. 

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Popular for being the original, go-to teeth whitening gadget, oral strips are the oldest in the game. Only to be applied 1-2 times a week, Oral-B strips erase stubborn stains to produce your own set of pearly whites. No wonder they have a ‘cult following’. 

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GO VEGAN! - Smilie


‘Developed by a dentist, cruelty-free AND vegan’ equals perfection in a sentence. 
If you have sensitive gums and teeth, this product is for you! Smilie kits contain ‘dual LED device, 3 gel whitening pens, a shade guide and charging cable’. 

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NATURAL WHITENING TOOTHPASTE? YES PLEASE - Gem Triple Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste


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A concoction of ‘probiotics, non-toxic’ ingredients, this toothpaste organically whitens your smile with the ‘power of sodium bicarbonate and silica’. 

IMPORTANT - If you experience any bad side effects from using teeth whitening products, or you would like to gain more insight into the process, please consult your dentist. 

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