Funky Statement Rings Are All The Craze Right Now

We're obsessed.


Taking the world by storm, these new and improved rings are all the fad right now. Turn away from the timeless classic metal stackers in exchange for mood-boosting, crystal wrapped, chunky gold, candy-colored ‘finger-halos’.

A major hit for fashion fanatic Mia Regan, flaunting her jewelry collection on her Instagram. Mia is quite the ambassador when it comes to supporting small businesses - photographed below channelling her quirky rings from Emma Handmades on Etsy, La Manso and Camille Brinch jewelry. 

Increase your vibe with wire rings adorned with crystals. Small business owner Emma, handcrafts her jewelry line independently with custom made-to-order choices from sought-after crystal wrapped rings, personalised name necklaces, and fishtail stone drop earrings and much more. Beginning in May 2020, Emma didn’t initially decide to start a business however her obsession with buying jewelry led her to curate her own. With ups and downs and learning the roots, gradually she began to make some pieces that she loved. This led to many jewelry requests from people, which from then on sparked the business. 

One of her most popular selling pieces is the ‘crystal wrapped rings’ in silver. With crystal healing and manifestation coming in clutch for many, it’s common for collectors to carry their crystals with them for support, guidance and comfort, now, you can keep your crystals close and wrap them around your finger 24/7.

Shopping from small businesses is fundamental with many taking to Instagram to embrace the phrase “shop small” so we asked Emma why she feels this is important; “Small businesses will give you the most creative, innovative and beautiful pieces! The making of each item, the packaging, the planning, the cards, ALL is thought about, and it shows. People will never realise how EVERY purchase from a small business (mostly owned by a single person) is noticed and appreciated - fast fashion giants would never. The quality is also unmatched”. 

Shop Emma Handmades on Etsy here.

Governing the indie jewelry craze are July child. Founder Sinead exclaims “jewelry is an expression of who you are. It’s a similar form of expression as a tattoo. Your jewelry should last you a lifetime and no two people’s jewelry collections should be the same.”

Inspired by Sailor Moon motifs, these fun rings are timeless and perfect for your jewelry collection. Choose from fun shapes including stars, clouds, and hearts that will take you back to your childhood. 

July Child’s most popular choices are the starstruck peach, opal daisy, pink yin yang, silver smiley signet rings.

Shop July Child here.

Inspired by the classic film Clueless fused with a spark of 90’s retro nostalgia, Clueluce will fulfil your obsession over colorful rings any day. These candy-colored resin bubble rings are quite the statement as worn above by fashion fanatic, Olivia Grace. With many colors to choose from, your styling options are almost endless! 


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