Body Shaming Won’t Be Tolerated On Bumble

App updates guideline to create a safer dating space online.


Body shaming. Unfortunately, it’s something we’re all familiar with, whether it has directly affected us or someone we know. Dating app Bumble is doing something about it, now banning any comments on similar online hate crimes. 

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, many of us singletons are taking to dating apps in an attempt to form meaningful connections and ignite sparks. Nobody wants to start a profile with worries they’ll be judged based solely on our physical appearance. While judgement is necessary as a first impression, upsetting messages are spiteful and needless. 

Bumble is an app that allows women take the lead, choosing their partner based on their profile however, the new policy will prohibit offensive messages. The ban comes after previous good work on trolling as in 2019 Bumble introduced a feature to detect and blur unwelcome nude images.

After all that went wrong in 2020, the phrase
#BeKind was one positive message that resonated the most with us. According to the app, 23% of British users have been body shamed online and 87% agreed that they feel most physically judged in dating spaces rather than other areas of life. Bumble have listened to the public in an urge to reduce the amount of hate crime that occurs online, and we are beyond delighted.

It takes enough courage to decide on the perfect picture to upload, never mind staying strong after receiving abusive comments about our shape, size or appearance. Bumble has taken a stand with Naomi Walkland, head of UK’s Bumble, stating they want to build “a kinder, more respectful and more equal space on the internet”. As well as body shaming, it’s clear any homophobic, racist or transphobic comments will not be tolerated with some people given a ban from the app.

Bravo Bumble!