BLACKPINK Unleashes New Single + Video "The Girls (BLACKPINK The Game)

Fans can now join the group on their journey to fame.


BLACKPINK is rewriting records and now venturing into the gaming realm! They've launched "BLACKPINK The Game," their first-ever gaming venture, inviting players to accompany them on their path to stardom. Plus, they've just dropped the single "The Girls (BLACKPINK The Game)" as the game's official soundtrack, with the track produced and written by Ryan Tedder (One Republic)!

After storming the global charts last year with their album "BORN PINK," featuring hits like "PINK VENOM" and "Shut Down," BLACKPINK achieved several remarkable feats. The album became the first by a female K-pop group to top the US Billboard Charts since 2008. It also claimed the number one spot in the UK and Canada, second in Australia, and a strong third in Germany, France, and Finland. Their impact reached even more countries, with top 10 rankings in the Netherlands, Sweden, and Switzerland.

BLACKPINK's influence transcends music, as evident from their new gaming venture, "BLACKPINK The Game." Fans can now join the group on their journey to fame in this exciting new virtual realm. Complementing the gaming experience, "The Girls (BLACKPINK The Game)" serves as a high-energy anthem, a reminder of BLACKPINK's dedication to delivering exceptional music in all their endeavors.

As we dive into "BLACKPINK The Game" and groove to the beats of "The Girls," we celebrate the group's extraordinary journey and their boundless determination to break barriers, whether on music charts or in the gaming industry. With their unstoppable drive, who knows what groundbreaking achievements BLACKPINK will conquer next?