Add Some Fizz To Your Coffee Table With Beyonce's Arty New Book

No homemade lemonade recipes in there though?


Beyonce is set to drop a humongous 600-page hardcover coffee table book, giving an exclusive insight into how her iconic visual album was made. 'How To Make Lemonade' is part of a limited-edition box set, featuring a double vinyl LP as well as audio and visual album downloads.

The book includes hundreds of never-before-seen photos from the making of 'Lemonade' and shows the “inspiration behind the film's most provocative and cryptic moments.” There is, of course, the inevitable family photography of Blue Ivy and Jay Z, as well as extracts from Beyonce's personal essays, a foreword from Dr. Michael Eric Dyson and poetry by former British poet laureate Warsan Shire.

If you are looking for a 600-page tome on how to make actual lemonade, however, prepare for disappointment.

Check out some exclusive images from the book below, and pre-order the box set here.