Best Ways To Tan

A glowing tan is a must pretty much anywhere.


Whether you’ve been invited to a pool party or are going on vacation, a glowing tan is a must pretty much anywhere. For those of you who’ve ever wondered what the best ways to get a tan are, I’ve selected the top five featured in this list for you.

Sun Bathing


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The top method to get a tan is the most obvious one; laying out in the sun. This can be done anywhere, in fact research has shown that it's possible to get tanned even in indirect sunlight, since UV rays can bounce and reflect. So, relaxing under an umbrella or even indoors by a window works. Plus, it doesn't cost anything - just don't forget to apply sunscreen.

Although, the sun is not always available to us depending on the season and/or location, so it’s a good think that there are other ways to achieve that perfect sun-kissed tan.

Tanning Beds

The next best way to get a tan is with a tanning bed because of a multitude of reasons, one of them being that they emit a higher amount of UVA rays than UVB rays, resulting in a longer-lasting tan without burning your skin.

What's also really great is that it takes no time at all, which is probably why tanning beds have been a popular method since the 70s. Owning one yourself can actually turn out cheaper than going to the salon. For regular users, it's definitely something you should consider, and if you'd like to find out more about owning a tanning bed, check here – how much are tanning beds.

Self Tanners


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Besides using the sun itself to get some Vitamin D and a tan, self tanners are the next best thing regarding cost because they truly are inexpensive.

Who wouldn’t want to be able to tan in the comfort of their own home, and at that price? Not to mention how long one tube can last. Lest we forget that you’re able to customize your tan to your specific body type and that touch ups can also be done at any time.

Certain areas, such as hands and feet, are much more challenging to tan yourself. It just takes some practice (and a lot of patience) till you can get it just right.

Professional Spray Tan

Most salons and spas offer this service, you just need to ask, but I should mention right off the bat that these are never cheap – it can cost anywhere between $50-$100 for just one session.

It goes without saying that this may not be the most practical way to get a tan for some people, and not everyone is comfortable stripping down in front of a stranger either, but it is one of the only ways to get a tan without any blotchy spots, streaks, or unfortunate color results.

Spray Tan

Using a spray tan booth is, without a doubt, cheaper than getting a professional spray tan, only costing about $25 per session. So, if you're on a budget this is the method for you.

The downsides are that not everyone enjoys being trapped in an enclosed booth that fills with mist while holding your breath and shutting your eyes as tightly as possible. Unfortunately, our feet are almost always a victim, either ending up too dark, orange, or a horridly blotched mix of the two.

On the other hand, most booths provide a good and even tan everywhere else. Best part of all is that you get to have privacy, even if you have to be naked at least you’re alone.

One tip I’d like to give you is to apply some lotion or cream beforehand so that the tan doesn't stick to your dry areas such as feet, knees, and elbows.