10 Best Instagram Ideas In 2022

Make your profile stand apart.


When it comes to Instagram, it has the classic ability to keep us on our toes with new features now and then. 

Instagram strongly believes "change is the only constant" statement. So, if you want to stay relevant on the platform and increase your engagement, the best way is to adapt constantly.

But do you struggle to find out what is hot and trending these days on Instagram? Do not worry because we will solve your worries. 

In the blog, we will tell you the ten best Instagram ideas in 2022 to make your profile stand apart and get more IG followers. So, read on and find out what you are missing out on! 

1. Reels Revolution

Instagram announced the end of IGTV, its long-form video feature, in October 2021. Users can now upload videos to the main Instagram feed that is at most one hour long.

Ever since then, the IGTV content has disappeared from Instagram. So, it is time you say bye-bye to IGTV videos too.

The newest rage on the platform is Reels. Ever since Instagram introduced its short-form video content feature, people have been using it to share their stories in 60 seconds. 

So, in 2022, experimenting with the format may increase visibility or engagement on your feed.

You can use reels to show behind-the-scenes, mini travel vlogs, promote your product, and share some educational information. 

2, “Add Yours” Sticker

In early 2022, people's Instagram stories began to feature an exciting new "Add Yours" label. When you add this to their stories, other users could post their photos on stories based on a specific topic.

With these stickers, anyone may build a new theme. The theme could be anything from the last photo in your gallery, your pet, or your comfort food to your comfort place. 

So, take this as a challenge to create a unique and distinct Add Yours sticker. Let your followers personalize it and spread it with their friends.

Moreover, when you tap on the sticker itself, you can view a gallery of images from other people who used the same sticker. 

3. Run Opinion Polls

If you strongly feel about any topic in general, why not start a conversation on Instagram and understand the mind of your followers. Are you wondering how to do it? Let us tell you!

An Instagram poll is a fantastic method to get users involved and hear what they have to say. Instagram's polls include default replies of "yes" or "no," but you can add your options up to 22 characters of text.

After the 24-hour time has elapsed, you can share the results to see what your followers liked. The answers may even stun you! So, try this out today and see what your followers like and dislike.

4. Ask Me A Question

Another engaging way to indulge in a conversation with your followers is by using the "Ask Me A Question" label on your Instagram stories. 

Using this feature, you can ask open-ended questions that were not possible with the previous sticker. 

Open-ended questions pique the interest of your audience. They demonstrate that you value your readers' opinions and want to listen to them. 

They must express themselves as there is nothing quite like the collective ideas of a group. Furthermore, you also learn about how people perceive you. It can be far more fun than you imagined. 

5. Meme Game

It does not matter if it is 2022 or 2020, memes are here to stay on the Internet. So, it is time to step up your meme game. These relatable content pieces are ideal for increasing interest and engagement on the platform.

To remain original on the platform, we advise you to create your memes and upload them as a story or post. How can you do that?

Find some inspiration from your favorite meme pages and choose a trending topic. Use apps like ImgFlip and give it your twist.

The good news is that most memes have a fairly basic structure, so you don't need critical design skills to make a viral meme.

6. Emoji Slider Sticker

Instagram's emoji slider intends to be a fun way for users to communicate with one another. 

You may use it to know how your Instagram friends and followers feel about anything on a degree of intensity indicated by the slider.

You can add a photo or statement and insert the emoji slider with the relevant emoji. Your followers can slide it as per their preference. 

If you are an Instagram-based brand, it is the perfect way to research your followers' tastes and how they feel about your content. 

7. Release Short Teasers

Is something fun coming up? Are you planning a journey? Are you launching a product? 

If yes, release suspenseful teasers in your Instagram stories and let your followers keep guessing. 

You can announce every upcoming event to your audience this way. They are successful because they're laid-back and don't try to tell everything in one go. 

For this reason, each of these posts garners hundreds of likes, which is remarkable! 

8. Share Content From Other SNS

Have you seen individuals sharing screenshots of their tweets on Instagram stories and feeds? That's what we imply when we suggest you should share your content on multiple social media platforms. 

You can also upload a short clip from your YouTube video and urge your followers to subscribe to your channel to see the entire video.

It serves two purposes: first, you can increase content on Instagram without the need to think of new ideas. 

Second, you can channel your followers to your profile on other social networking sites.

9. Reuse Old Content

Another captivating way to save time creating new content is by utilizing old content in a new form. In 2022, several people are doing this as it saves resources. 

So, how can you do this? You can add snippets from old YouTube videos, podcasts, and other forms of media. You can also re-post old Instagram photos.

You can apply the same approach to blogs as well. If you've published a weblog, use small and relevant extracts to create an Instagram post that directs readers to the blog. 

10. Story Links

Nowadays, you can add a link sticker to your story, which opens up a lot of possibilities for business owners looking to drive attention to another webpage or channel. 

Additionally, Instagram story links are a fantastic way to convert Instagram followers into paying clients.

For individuals also, you may smoothly and effectively direct them to your blogs and other websites.

More users can gain from this new feature as we are in 2022. Tap the "add sticker" icon in create mode and pick the "link" sticker to add an affiliate link to your story. 

You will be required to enter the URL, and you will have the choice to switch the sticker content if you want to.


Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most effective platforms for engaging with your followers and spreading awareness in a new and exciting way. 

As previously mentioned, these Instagram post ideas will present a variety of ways to leverage Instagram, from reels, emoji sliders, and opinion polls, to humorous memes and teasers. 

So get your laptops and smartphones and start planning out your Instagram content plan straight away!