Best Dildos.

What is really going to bring you pleasure!


Listen, the reality is that whether you are shy or not, you have probably tried a dildo. You may be wondering what the best dildo is, what you should invest money in, and what is really going to bring you pleasure! Well, the answer is that the best dildo for you may not be the best dildo for someone else. Every person enjoys something different, so there is no best dildo that works for everyone. However, we can help you find the best dildo for you!

What is a dildo?

A dildo can refer to a non vibrating sex toy, or a vibrating sex toy. Dildo can be used interchangeably for either, and calling a vibrator a dildo is not wrong! The difference is one vibrates and one doesn’t.

What kind of dildo should I try?

What kind of dildo you should try is definitely a gamble. Think about sex - what is your favorite thing in bed? Do you like when your partner cums inside of you? Do you like clitoral stimulation? Is dual stimulation mind blowing? This will really help determine the best dildo for you to try. 

Is it “dirty” to like a dildo?

In previous years, vibrators were considered taboo, risque, and things you buy if you have a problem in bed. They were ugly and bulky, and the vibrating versions were loud and obvious. Within the last 10 years, major innovations have come over the dildo world, and they are no longer considered this nasty secret. Now people openly show their dildo collections off and get excited to try the next new thing! There are even podcasts and instagram accounts dedicated to just dildos and vibrators! The free sexuality boom has taken over the world and we are here for it!

So how do I find the best dildo?

When it comes to dildos, reviews are very helpful and important to consider. Some complaints could be based on shipping time or the fact that it was bigger than the consumer expected,, but some may be based on the product itself. With that being said, read them carefully while remembering the key fact that everyone likes something different. It is easy to leave a bad review because it was not what you expected. 

The reviews of inferior products are the ones that are the most impactful. Inferior products could be the material, longevity of the battery life, or even that it breaks easily. Shopping for the best dildo for you may feel overwhelming and intimidating, especially if it is your first time buying a dildo. After putting in a lot of research and analyzing some of the best dildos for women, we are excited to share our finds with you!

For those seeking multipurpose: 

The Venus warming dual headed vibrator for women.

The Venus offers intensity and power in a quiet package that offers incredible run time and dual headed pleasure. 

Venus offers intense pleasure, with thrill inducing functions, such as 7 speeds, and an intelligent warming feature that warms to 103 degrees, to offer incredible sensations. It is also waterproof, and made of body safe, medical grade silicone. Reviewers have stated that Venus has been a go to vibrator, that changed the game for them. Its rechargeable battery, silicone head that is easy to clean, and super quiet motor make it worth the price. It also comes with an extensive warranty, making it a stress free purchase. With fast shipping and discreet packaging, you won't be disappointed. The added ribbing on the dildo side makes it even more pleasurable for G Spot stimulation. 

Drusilla clitoral sucking vibrator

For those searching for the best clitoral stimulation.

Drusilla offers incredible suction to stimulate the clitoris like never before. Additionally, Drusilla is dual ended, meaning you can utilize the base of this clit sucker as a vibrator. With 10 sucking modes and 20 frequencies, Drusilla is a stand out in clitoral sucking vibrators for women. The shape of Drusilla’s clitoral sucker sets her apart, as it is large enough to comfortably fit over the entire clitoris. If you enjoy oral stimulation, this is the perfect vibrator for you. 

Bia ejaculating dildo

A dildo to change your sex life.

Bia is one of the few ejaculating vibrators on the market, and has quickly become a bestseller. With 12 vibration modes and easy cleanup, you can throw in a water based lubricant or even just water to experience the ultimate orgasm. Reviewers have absolutely raved about Bia - and it’s no wonder why. Plus, the addition of the rabbit ear function adds in clitoral stimulation at the same time. Bia has the perfect girth to feel realistic, and is made of body safe, medical grade silicone.