Top Health Benefits Of Fresh Coconuts


If you have ever travelled in areas like Thailand, Malaysia or the Philippines, then you have probably seen people selling fresh, green coconuts on the side of the road. Everywhere you can see people drinking the fresh coconut water directly out of the coconut with a straw.
The consumption of coconut water in Asia has a long tradition which has remained strong after hundreds of years. People of all ages drink it. Even babies get coconut water to drink, if the mother can't provide enough breast milk. It is no coincidence that tropical coastal people who follow their traditional diet, suffer less from heart disease than western world populations.

Also in cities like Los Angeles or Sydney coconut water enjoys great popularity. It is part of the lifestyle that young people meet in cafes to drink a fresh, green coconut while enjoying the sun and watching surfers catch waves. Furthermore superstars swear by the positive effects of the pure liquid which has a reputation for slowing down the ageing process.

There is scientific evidence of great health benefits, including weight loss, increasing energy, natural antibiotic activity, cholesterol reduction and insulin stabilisation, all while being 99 per cent fat free. If you ever tried coconut water from a box you may be disappointed. The taste of pre-packed coconut water does not stack up against the sweet taste of fresh coconut water. The pre-packed coconut water can provide many vitamins and minerals like the fresh coconut, but as always: fresh is best!

Coconut water also is a natural isotonic drink. It provides many of the same benefits as artificial sport drinks, but contrary to the artificial sport drinks, coconut water provides the energy in a natural way, without additives or sweeteners. Ultimately like all superfoods coconut water became a huge trend which will also probably fade away by and by. What's left is a yummy, healthy drink (even if overpriced) which gives you the feeling of a holiday in Thailand.



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