How To Be More Eco-Friendly With Your Beauty Regime 

If you really do want to make a difference. 


We’ve all been guilty of it, using products in our everyday lives that ultimately will just end up in a landfill somewhere in the world and pollute the oceans. Unfortunately there is not much we can change in the actual manufacturing process, but there are more eco conscious beauty products that you can buy if you really do want to make a difference. 

Make Your Own Face Mask 

With a few ingredients that you are likely to have in your cupboard anyway, you can easily make your own beauty face mask that will be a lot more nourishing and natural compared to the face creams that you would normally buy which are packed with endless ingredients. 

So why not try making your own one next time you step out of the shower and see how it makes your skin feel. You never know, you might prefer making your own instead of buying from now on. It is also a great way to use up any fresh produce that you might have thrown away instead as it was not suitable for eating. This will save it going in the trash which would contribute to less food waste as well. 

Non Plastic Sanitary Towels 

If you think about how many sanitary towels or tampons you have had to spend money on over the years, you would probably be able to go on a luxurious vacation with that money instead. Unfortunately when you are a woman it is a product that you are going to need on a regular basis. But instead of opting for the typical sanitary product that is wrapped in plastic and also contains plastic in the product itself, there is instead a more sustainable way if you opt for a reusable, non toxic sanitary pad. You simply buy a few for different flows and wash them each time you use them, like you would with your underwear. 

Swap Up Your Typical Makeup Remover for an Eco-Friendly Alternative 

Instead of using cotton pads to remove your makeup at the end of the day, why not try a more eco-friendly option such as Bisous™ | The Premium Reusable Makeup Remover. This cloth is made with chemical free ingredients and can easily be washed each time you want to reuse it. So instead of purchasing a disposable product, wrapped in plastic, to remove your makeup, you can instead use an eco-friendly option that is reusable and will not need to be replaced so easily. 

Use Soap Bars Instead of Branded Bottles

You can now get shampoo and conditioner in soap bar form instead of the typical array of brands that you find on the supermarket shelf. They will last just as long, if not longer and do not contain any plastic at all. So your plastic contribution will be zero as the packaging of them will be in eco friendly wrapping too.