​​​​​​​Bash.gg: The Ultimate Social Gaming Sensation

Reaching a new level of social interactions while gaming.


bash.gg takes social gaming to a whole new level. Just drop a link, and your friends can join the action, no need for complicated sign-ups. Bash.gg offers a voice chat, so you can strategize and cheer each other on. Create a squad: Bash.gg lets you connect with new people who love the same games as you.

Kyle Zappitell, 25, created Bash.gg as a browser gaming platform, and it's game on. It's a place where you can instantly play with your friends in your browser, ad-free. Bash.gg quickly became the epitome of gaming liberation in the U.S., with free access to Gen Z and Gen Alpha's favorite games like Minecraft, Fortnite, classics like Snake, and intense battles in Krunker (Call of Duty vibes, anyone?). It’s now accessible worldwide.

Picture this: in the gaming world of 2023, mobile gaming can be a bit meh, with limited hardware capabilities and tons of spammy games. And let's not forget the hefty price tags attached to high-quality games that require expensive consoles or PCs.

Kyle, a former Xbox engineer, left the console world with a mission to make video games more accessible without the need for a gaming PC or hardware. The result is Bash.gg.



Gaming Platforms are the Future Social Networks

Kyle, who grew up playing Minecraft, advocates for gaming as a new, and better, form of social networks. He says “90% of kids are gamers at this point. Being a gamer is not like it was when I was a kid where it was kind of nerdy and dorky. It's just normal now. Every kid is a gamer, and they spend more and more time on games, and they like social games. And so what's really happening is games are becoming the next generation of social networks.”

He adds: “Except it's kind of a better social network because kids get to be whoever they want to be, and they get to kind of like they don't have to be judged by people. And it's more about spending quality time with individuals than it is about showing off to the masses. So it's got a bunch of interesting, different dynamics or qualities that I think make it more appealing and probably better for people's mental health.”

The Magic of Gaming as the Key to Tech Adventures

The founder of bash.gg, who became a software engineer inspired by gaming, points out that gaming can serve as the ultimate catalyst for igniting someone's passion for technology. Whether immersed in virtual realms or standing on the sidelines, people often trace their awe-inspiring journeys back to those childhood gaming moments. Take Minecraft, for example, where the wonders of Redstone allow players to construct intricate logic systems and machines.

Such captivating experiences ignite a burning curiosity that compels young minds to ask, "Can I turn this virtual wonder into a real-life innovation?" The answer, Kyle fervently believes, is a resounding yes. By seamlessly blending gaming prowess with the realm of technology, he envisions a world where abstract thinking, problem solving, and engineering brilliance converge.

It's time to shatter the notion that gaming is just a waste of time. Kyle is passionate about unlocking the untapped potential of gaming, revealing its hidden depths, and empowering the next generation of tech trailblazers.

If you want to learn more, check out bash.gg.