K-Pop Superstar Baekhyun Gets His Very Own Unisex Streetwear Label

K-Pop Superstar Baekhyun Gets His Very Own Unisex Streetwear Label

We smell a sellout.


Forget sex. It's 2018, and it's influencers that sell. Case in point: Baekhyun. Though his name might make the average K-Pop ignoramus think of a crispy fried breakfast, the multi-talented singer, dancer and EXO band member is a bonafide superstar with a millions-strong following, including 12.6 million engaged fans on Instagram alone.

Like a Korean Midas, everything Baekhyun touches basically turns to gold. For example, as Vogue reports, one filtered snap of a corn streusel muffin on a white plate was all it took for both the vegan bakery and the platemaker to immediately sell out their entire stock. And that was just a frickin' muffin, people.

Well, it was only a matter of time until Baekhyun would get his own fashion gig, tapped by New York label Privé to co-create his own unisex brand, Privé by BBH. “I really wanted an artist to be hands on and really committed to being part of the brand,” said fashion editor and brand director Danyl Geneciran of the collab, who was reportedly impressed by Baekhyun's head-to-toe Supreme and Balenciaga outfit at their first meeting.

The first release features six classic streetwear pieces, which will be followed by monthly capsules of six to ten pieces each. The minimalist debut capsule features tees, sweaters and hoodies emblazoned with the Privé logo and Baekhyun's self-portraits, taken on a Contax II film camera. The price range is surprisingly affordable at $35 to $90.

Check out the pieces above. Privé by BBH drops July 1 at

(Image Sources: Ahn Yeonhoo, Privé by BBH)

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