AVELLANO Showcase Their Cyberpunk Inspired SS22 Collection

The collection was inspired by films such as The Matrix and Bladerunner.


The film entitled, AVELLANO SPRING SUMMER 2022, showcases the brand’s latest collection that is infused with futurist cyberpunk energy.

Directed by Jean-Charles Charavin the film exudes post-apocalyptic scenery reminiscent of films such as Bladerunner and The Matrix.

The film appears ambiguous with an unclear narrative that is set in a technological advanced setting. The film has a feel of science-fiction as neon signs and what appears to be an abandoned warehouse are featured. There is also a sense of disorientation with quick winding camera movements alongside techno flashing lights.


The label created by Arthur Avellano is known for its use of latex. On their website it says that the use of latex “catches attention… Its sexual connotation is perfect to convey insolence.” Their SS22 collection is no different, as latex is prevalent throughout.

The collection has a set color scheme of red, black, white and blue with the majority of pieces made from the patented latex material. The pieces appear sleek, especially the trench coats and trousers featured in the collection. They seem clean as the material emphasizes the fit.

A scattered pattern also features on tank tops and trousers in the collection that is only elevated by the darkness of the film. The wide-set blue trousers convey the dispersed arrangement and are a poignant piece within the collection.


The collection overall seems clean. The fit of the clothing feels satisfying as the latex is often cut in a baggy style. AVELLANO has presented the collection in a fitting way as a lot of the pieces would comfortably fit in any science-fiction film.

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