Editor’s Review: The Badass ASOS Eyeshadow That The Beauty World Missed

3ina is here with boldest shades going.


The weird thing about ASOS’s 3ina is that no one is really talking about them yet. Why? I have no idea, because it’s bold colors mirror Bleach London’s new make up line’s killer shades and it’s wider range of products includes everything from nail polishes and lipsticks to lip oils and micellar water. They’re also cruelty-free, paraben-free, made in Europe and affordable. The full package. Available internationally through ASOS, 3ina is super easy to get your hands on. So, still feeling fairly dubious that it all sounded to good to be true, I decided to put the brand’s cream eyeshadow’s to the test. 

Initial inspection:

After I’d got my hands on the cream eyeshadow in lilac and purple, I wasted no time on opening them up. The colors were way bolder than I was expecting, with super pigmented pop colours and a super sheer shine. I dabbed a small amount on the back of my hand and instantly got a bright, full coverage. Wowza. 

Verdict #1:

Without further ado, I grabbed the turquoise cream and frantically applied it my entire eyelid with a large eyeshadow brush in a frenzy of new make-up excitement. The outcome? Too bold for the everyday, but great for a festival. The shadow can be blended and layered with other colors too for, as the website suggests, “a sophisticated finish”. Ultimately, I couldn’t quite call my look sophisticated, but I was fairly pleased with looking like a unicorn for a bit. 

Following shortly after this photo, I went to take off the turquoise shade to start covering my face in the purple. It was around this time that I discovered the one con that comes with the 3ina cream eyeshadow: it is IMPOSSIBLE to get off. Well, not impossible, its just going to take a lot of scrubbing and as much waterproof make-up remover you can get your hands on. My best advice is to try an oil-based make up remover for this job and stay determined. On the other hand, the hardiness of this innocent looking shiny cream completely reaffirms its definitive stance as THE festival make up. I mean, this stuff would only need to be topped up a little bit each morning to last the entire weekend. What a winner. 

Anyway, after the drama of getting the turquoise off, I had to wait until the following day to have time to go through the same process again. When I did eventually get round to testing out the lilac shade, I decided this time to try a more refined look.

Verdict 2#:

Enter, the cream eyeshadow-as-eyeliner technique.

This look was pretty easy, pretty cool and a killer way to bring bold shades into your every day look. 

Overall, my first experience with 3ina left me with three things:

  1. a thirst for the entire cream eyeshadow range.
  2. a definitive festival go-to.
  3. the surprise that that 3ina is not too good to be true. (It’s just too freaking good to miss.)