Ariana Grande Hints At New Album Whilst Reminding Fans To Vote

Who needs the reminders app when you have Ariana Grande?


The former Bernie Sanders supporter, Ariana Grande reminds fans to vote in the current American Presidential Election whilst dropping hints at a new album. Many celebrities are using their populated platform to urge Americans to vote and get their voices heard, but Grande thought she’d give something a little extra. “Turning in these mixes and reminding you again to vote if you haven’t already / vote early” reads the Instagram and Twitter post captions underneath a photo of Grande in the studio.  


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This post came after Ari released a five-second clip of her angelically stunning new vocals, said to be from her next big track, most likely titled ‘brb’. This snippet has already stacked up 5.5 million views, giving fans a sign that new music is just around the corner. Please keep the album mixing status updates coming Ari!  


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