Are You Really Ready to Date Again?

Opening ourselves up in this way again is often quite scary.


Breakups are hard on us all. Leaving you feeling emotionally bruised and battered, they can naturally take some getting over. Eventually, however, it does reach a point where you need to ask yourself an important question: are you ready to put yourself out there and do it all over again? While this sounds pleasant enough on paper, the reality is that it can be difficult. Relationships that don’t work out can really hurt us, so the thought of opening ourselves up in this way again is often quite scary. There is also the danger that you’ll make the jump too quickly, which isn’t healthy for yourself or fair to anyone you might date while you’re on the rebound.

Work out what went wrong in your last relationship

When relationships end, it can be difficult to examine them too deeply, like pressing a finger on a bruise. We have a tendency to shy away from the pain this involves, and we’re all too quick to blame one party in particular. Some people beat themselves up, wishing they’d done differently while they still had the chance. Others lay the blame solely at their ex-partner’s door. However, the reality is that most relationships fail because of the actions of both individuals, regardless of whether deliberate or accidental. For this reason, it’s a good idea to do some soul-searching before you get into a new relationship, to help you identify what went wrong and prevent it from happening a second time. Were you too willing to accept a partner’s excuses and shortcomings? Did you fail to make enough time for your relationship? Do you have a historic tendency to ignore red flags? Work out why your relationship went wrong and you’ll have a much better chance of ensuring a happy and healthy partnership the next time around.

Visit a psychic

While it sounds like a slightly out-of-the-box idea, there are also those who find it useful to gain some outside insights. Some people like to talk to friends or family members about where they’re at; others consult with their therapist or counselor. Businesses like TheCircle offer a free psychic chat function through their website, which gives interested parties the chance to talk to a reader online. You’re allowed to ask absolutely anything, and they’ll offer you their unique take on it. There are many who claim that this process is incredibly therapeutic, helping them to view things in a new light and gain a renewed sense of clarity and guidance.

Learn how to be happy alone

Last but not least, before you can embark on a new relationship, you need to learn how to be happy alone. For those who have come out of a long-term partnership, this can be especially difficult, and it’s normal to feel lonely at first. When you’re so used to doing things with somebody else, having to adapt to a solitary lifestyle does take some getting used to. That being said, it’s something that we all need to go through, and if you make the jump before learning how to do this, you’re more likely to end up in an unhealthy rebound relationship. The best way to achieve this elusive sense of independence and self-generated happiness is by doing things you enjoy: spending time with friends, falling back on your hobbies, traveling, adventuring, and trying new things. Once you can confidently say that you’re content on your own, you’ll have a solid foundation for building a healthy and happy relationship moving forward.

When you know you are ready to start dating and feel fully content in yourself you don’t want to rush into everything so quickly. Take it one step at a time, you can try some of the dating apps, where you can have conversations, swipe right and get to know someone a bit before taking it further. You can also speak to them on the phone where you use chat lines and by giving all chatline number a try you can get to know them on a more personal level. You might be more comfortable speaking to someone on the phone so you know who are talking to, especially to avoid any catfish situations.



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