APOC Store - The New Fashion Marketplace For New Designers

It's creative, sustainable and puts designers in control


APOC Store, the brainchild of Tracey Suen and Jules Volleborg was launched online this week. The idea is to offer ‘a curated marketplace for young luxury designers.’ The creators behind APOC Store explain how it was during lockdown that the concept really came to fruition, saying that in acknowledgment of what has been happening in the world around them it ‘felt like the right time to start something.’

Off the bat APOC Store has teamed up with some of the most exciting fresh talent out there, including names such as Bethany Williams and Ed Curtis. Both designers, unique in their own right, create bold and distinctive pieces, fitting the APOC ethos perfectly who want their designers ‘to be able to express themselves creatively, without any commercial restrictions’ - something that hasn’t always been possible in the standard model.

This brand new concept for supporting young designers is multifaceted in its benefits. Not only does it allow for new designers to escape an old-fashioned model of wholesaling and factory sourcing that doesn’t cater to modern designers, but it also offers the opportunity to work in a more sustainable way. By removing wholesale you limit the risk of dead-stock, and instead APOC encourages its designers to work on a made-to-order or pre-order basis.

The online store that has been dubbed ‘a luxury, creative depop’ is doing everything the industry needs. Putting an emphasis on creating a more sustainable fashion model that is ethical for its designers, whilst also advocating for putting control and originality back into fashion designers hands. This triple threat is pioneering in its forward thinking shake up of how young designers can flourish, and we love to see it!

Images from APOC store

Check out what the store has to offer here.


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