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aO By Alexander Wang Season 3's Drop 3

aO By Alexander Wang Season 3's Drop 3

The final instalment in Season 3


The inspiration from the last instalment of Season 3 Drop 3 is unlikely. Built on the errors of design process, flaws in garments, 'rejection is established as the new perfection' according to the press release. 

Imagine walking into the archives of adidas, reminiscent of what might be a police evidence locker or a theatre costume room with the odd mannequin posed up against a concrete pillar. Something from the corner of your eye yearns for you to touch it, a large taped up box. You open it. And an explosion of light fills the room and there you find the lost treasures of adidas collabs and designers of long ago. Creased samples, sketches, mismatched patterns.

And thats when Mr. Wang went I got this. I'm going to tell the world the story that is adidas, Wang Style.

Taking the rejected, the old and reworking it into a unique capsule collection of Drop 3, dominated with the iconic loud orange, blue, black and the trefoil upside down in white. The anti-collection. Boxy cuts. 80's inspired sneakers with the catalogue numbers used on the upper toe box, a barcode tongue and an old Mercedes beige leather interior outside. Exposed seams. Mismatched but some how married together. 

The campaign shoot is simple. Rebellious in a China town or 80's industrial laundromat. Where many things can go wrong. Like we have not all lost a tshirt or two there.

Wang is really pushing his immigrant roots and making political statements with each collection he's launching. An almost middle finger love letter to the establishment, immigrants, whom politics sees as rejects can bring together the scraps left behind and make something beautiful, artistic, elaborate. But also an old laundromat is where most immigrants started off working hard to build their lives. Wang sees the beauty in all, and his story telling when it comes from a place close to home is an explosion of genius and beauty.