Anya Hindmarch Releases Biodegradable Leather Bag Collection

Return to nature with Anya Hindmarch's sustainable new designs.


It took Anya Hindmarch over two years of research, development, and disintegration tests to develop a fully biodegradable leather bag. While starting the bag collection, Anya Hindmarch asked herself, "How could I make a bag that could never end up in landfill? One that at the end of its useful life would Return to Nature?" The designer wholeheartedly believes that "for something to be truly beautiful, you want to know that it is doing as little harm as possible."

The "Return to Nature" collection has a fully traceable chain of suppliers.  This includes a Swedish cattle farm, a tannery in Germany, and leather goods makers in Andalusia, Spain. The leather is treated without the heavy metals, chrome, and aldehyde widely used in leather goods. The bag is hardware-free, unlined, stitched together with cotton, and finished with liquid silk; all of it is biodegradable. Bag owners will have to re-apply the natural-oil-based wax to maintain the durability of the bag. 

"We want this [bag] to last forever and it should last forever if you look after it," Hindmarch explains, "The point is that if this ever did end up in landfill, it would break down... [but] if you did actively want to compost it, I'd rather you sold on eBay, or gave it someone else." 

"Return to Nature" is Hindmarch's second endeavor in sustainable luxury fashion. Hindmarch's staple tote design called "I Am A Plastic Bag" is made from an innovative cotton canvas-feel fabric created from 32 half-liter recycled plastic bottles then coated with recycled windscreens. Each piece is designed to never be thrown away. The "I Am A Plastic Bag" collection is available for purchase here. 

The "Return to Nature" collection is dropping on October 20th in London. The bags will be available for purchase at Anya Hindmarch's five-store retail concept called The Village. Sign up here to receive updates for online availability. 


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