We Interview Edgy Electropop Sensation Allie X

The spellbinding songstress drops into Fizzy Mag HQ.


Toronto-born, LA-based singer-songwriter Allie X is taking the pop world by storm with her dark and dreamy, electropop sound. The lead single of her second album CollXtion II, the bittersweet “Paper Love,” has already racked up over 6.5 million Spotify plays since its release this summer – and it's not hard to see why. As its name suggests, the track is all about the fragility and futility of love, with the extremely relatable lyrics, “Oh, I know that boy's gonna rip me up / Cause he ain't that nice / He won't do right / He'll leave a nasty cut.” Allie dropped by to Fizzy HQ on a fittingly somber fall afternoon to stream a spellbinding exclusive performance and sit down for a quick Q&A. Check out the interview below, and replay the video here.


Paper Love” was received incredibly well. What do you think it is about it that grabs people so much?

I'm not sure what grabs other people. For me, what makes the song special is the combination of styles – a little disco style melody in the verse over a haphazard bass guitar line and modern at times trappy/dancehall drums. And the whistle is pretty hooky.

We love how you first teased the track via a hotline phone number. Can you tell us about that?

Yes the CLX II hotline has been a way for me to contact all superfans with teasers and news or new songs before they are out. What could be more fun than a call from the X World?

What was your musical first love? Did you grow up playing any instruments?

As a super youngster, I grew up having a lot of fun on little Casio keyboards and listening to a lot of Disney musicals. When I was about ten I started piano lessons and was listening to more rock and Motown.

What brought you to your current sound?

A love for analog synthesizers, drum machines, soaring vocals, modulation, and life stuff – insecurity, anxiety, tension/release...

What's your songwriting process?

It usually starts with melody or a beat and ends with lyrics but sometimes it's all simultaneously – or once in a blue moon, I start with lyrics.

Allie X is definitely a superhero name. What does the X stand for?

X stands for the possibility of anything. It gives you the freedom to be anything – undefined if you don't know who you are. It affords you the freedom to be anonymous as you figure out your truth.

Is your love of sunglasses part of that?

It is a representation of anonymity, yes. And a protection of the most vulnerable parts of your face – your eyes.

What's the craziest thing you've done on stage?

Umm, like, crowd surfed I guess. I roll around on the ground a lot too I guess. I’ve never thrown a dirty tampon or bitten the head off a bat...

A journalist once said that you stepped on the scene like a bottle of wine at a wedding. If you were a tipple what would you be?

Wow I've never heard that. I love that quote! What is a tipple? Haha. Wine? I'd be something dry if so....

What's in the pipeline for 2018?

I want to get big in Germany!!!!!


Listen to CollXtion II on Spotify.


Photography: Brit The Kid / Fizzy Mag


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