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All We Know About The First Ever Hotel In Space

An all-inclusive trip to Bali might be on your bucket list, but now it’s time to add a vacation in Space.


Although sci-fi movies make every trip to Space seem like a dangerous adventure, now it looks like a relaxing holiday on a different planet is a possibility too. The Gateway Foundation, a company creating the world’s first commercial space project ever, is planning on opening the Von Braun Rotating Space Station as early as 2025.

Tim Alatorre, the senior design architect of the Space Station compared a trip to space ‘like going on a cruise, or going to Disney World’.

He explained: Because the overall costs are still so high most people assume that space tourism will only be available to the super-rich, and while I think this will be true for the next several years, the Gateway Foundation has a goal of making space travel open to everyone.

Plans for the space station areas out of this world as you can get with some aspects like those on a cruise ship: ‘restaurants, bars, musical concerts, movie screenings, and educational seminars’, but not necessarily the futuristic, clinical space stations we see in films, as the hotel will have natural materials and colors that we’re comfortable with on Earth.

And if you’re worried about flying off and not being able to sit down and enjoy some fine dining, one of the aims of the hotel is to create artificial gravity, so it won’t be anything you’re not used to (aside from the views of Earth rather than the views from Earth). Not only that, but the Von Braun Space Station is planning on having fully-serviced kitchens, which will compete with luxury cruise ships and five-star hotels.

As if the views of Earth and the fact that you’re actually in space weren’t enough to keep guests entertained, Alatorre revealed that there will be activities like basketball, trampolining and even rock climbing (all adjusted to low gravity atmospheres, of course). The hotel will aim to accommodate at least 100 guests per week once it opens, so the only questions we have our when can we book ourselves in?

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