Top 3 Affordable Face Masks To Keep Your Oil Canvas Matt

Help for the oily ones without selling your kidney.


If you want the summer glow, without looking the summer grease ball with oily skin, we found some solutions. Face masks come in an entire assortment of ingredients, promising a whole lot, vary in smells and can range from pocket change to big $$$$. Despite the morning wash routine, the primer, the baby powder hack (yeah don't judge) nothing seem to work for your skin? Seem like your sebaceous glands are on coke and won't stop partying? We get a few face masks to the rescue without putting more money on your credit card.

L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask

$13 available at

The good old L'Oréal! This face masks employs a trifecta of clays to battle the oils and a hint of eucalyptus to give you a fresh spa- like feel in the comfort of your own apartment. The Purifying Clays glides in to remove the excess shine and remove excess oils to reveal refreshed glowing skin underneath and tighten those freshly cleaned pores. Eucalyptus is known regulate your skins sebum and to tone your skin. Leave this on for 10 minutes while you relax and sip on some wine while soaking in tub. 

Be Bared Face Mud Mask

$12 at

This little tub of cuteness is growing a hug cult worshipping over at Amazon. Customers are writing paragraph after paragraph of love dedications to this little bear. Be 100% natural and containing Dead Sea Minerals and Salts, it's hard not to see why. The Kaolin clay cleans out your pores, this might feel a little tingly, but its just working. If you don't like the tingles then best to give this bear a pass. While the Dead Sea minerals and salts give your skin a blast of nutrient goodness and have been known to help combat acne fast. The essential oils, aloe, jojoba seed oil refresh and hydrate to make your skin glowing. Practically you'll never want primer or foundation or skin tint again your face will look that good. 

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay 

$8.10 at

The cheapest mask with the biggest following on our social media feeds. This mask promises to be the world's most powerful facial with only one ingredient! 100% natural calcium bentonite clay! Says to work in 5-10 minutes to help eliminate unwanted oily complexions, dryness and leaving your skin refreshed. You do need to dilute this apple cider vinegar and water. It is Amazon's #1 best seller and with the reviews saying its the best thing to ever be lathered on your skin, why not give it a try?

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