A24 x Euphoria x Beauty Brand

When you add Rue and Jules together you get Rules Beauty


Total movie (uncut) Gems (if you know, you know) like The Bling Ring, Lady Bird, Midsommar, and Spring Breakers, really play up the makeup no-makeup look. Which makes it questionable why the production company for these movies are dipping their toes into the beauty world.


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But let's not forget, A24 produced our all-time favorite show, Euphoria, which is filled to the top with one iconic makeup look, after the next. So much so, the TikTok makeup trend is still going strong 9 months later #euphoriamakeup. We just can’t get enough of the bold colors, glittery gems and fluorescent eyeliner. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, you must live under a rock!

Rules Beauty, which we are hoping is a combination of Rue and Jules, is in its early stages but, we pray the wait isn’t as long as the wait for season two of Euphoria! In the meantime, if you head over to the A24 website, they have released BTS books of the show. And yes, they’re holographic.