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The Queen Of Rap Is Back With Her New Single For 2020

Nicki Minaj makes her 2020 comeback with New Single ‘Yikes’ 


Rap sensation Nicki Minaj is back and ready to show us why she’s still got it! Releasing her new single ‘Yikes’.

The rap Queen, confirms that the single will not be the leading single to her upcoming studio album and has stated that the it will not have a visual! However fans are very excited to finally get music from the artist. 

Aligning with her recent feud with fellow rapper Meek Mill the track features a shot at him starring controversy around the track. 

Nick’s last music release was Queen back in 2018 and subsequently the monster hit ‘Megatron’ in 2019. With the mega star yet to release a set date for her fifth studio album her fans are eager to hear new music from the rap queen. Minaj states that she felt pressure to release the track describing her process as ‘They made me put it out’ referring to her fans. 

Aside from the new track taking a dig at Meek Mill the track has also sparked outrage as the lyrics reference the late Civil Rights Activist Rosa Parks. Nick Minaj has tried to make it clear that she did not intend to offend anyone with her lyrics and that she had no clue of the backlash - and she wouldn’t have taken any notice to it either way. 


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