Hannah Bronfman Blesses Us With The Most Chilled AF CBD Bath Bomb

Did someone say #SundaySelfcare!


If you’re struggling to find the perfect bath bomb that not only includes skin-loving ingredients but also makes you feel super chill af, then health and wellness guru Hannah Bronfman is here to save the day!

Her latest collaboration with CBD brand Highline Wellness has resulted in the creation of a fabulous CBD Bath Bomb, with 20 active ingredients including CBD, of course, frankincense & rose - all proven to help relieve stress and relax the body and mind.


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Hannah has been wanting to release a CBD bath bomb for a few years and is happy with the collab brand of choice, "It felt right to partner with Highline Wellness, who is at the top of the line for CBD, to bring this to life. Not only is it made with the highest quality CBD, but the natural ingredients like calendula and rose are also great for your skin."

Her inspiration comes from always struggling to find a suitable bath bomb that had all the best bits in the mix for your skin but didn’t leave any crap in the tub. With everything going on right now, Hannah says that finding moments for self-care are so important and baths have been proven to be extremely effective (don’t we all know it!)


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Not only when purchasing do you get to indulge in this luxe product, but you will also be giving back too! 25% of the bath bomb proceeds will be donated to 4 nonprofit organizations: The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Equal Justice Initiative and CampaignZero

On top of these 100 products will be donated to frontline workers and those in need of serious downtime after all the hard work and hours they have put into helping us all through this pandemic.

There’s literally no excuses people - shop the bath bomb here!


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