8 Items To Help You Make This Year's Resolutions Reality

New Year — improved me.


December just went by in a heartbeat. We hardly managed to get everyone a present for Christmas and look at this — it’s already 2019! While we still try to readjust to our everyday life without cookies and chocolate all the time, we fell overwhelmed with another 365 days ahead of us, filled with expectations and fear of regret. To help you stumble through the first confusing weeks of forgetting what year it was and memes about how fucked up ’18 was, we collected some helpers to guide you through your (possible) bucket list for 2019.

1. Resolution: Be more organized

Having a journal is proven to improve your memory. But we know it’s hard to keep a diary, so writing down your to-do-list every morning and crossing it off during the day is a good step in the right direction. And it will actually help you to remember what you did and when. For some of us, it is so much fun, that we start to create a planner ourselves with cute stickers, colorful markers, and fancy washi tape. For others, a pre-organized one is a way to go. Your planner will help you to remember birthdays, anniversaries and appointments. We know you have a phone for that too, but physically writing it down always feels more personal. Plus it’s actually fun to go through it at the end of next year and remembering small memories that would have vanished otherwise.

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2. Resolution: Be tidier

We can’t stop telling us after every big clean up ‘I will keep it up like this!’ And after one week we think we might apply for ‘Hoarders’ for some extra cash. Sometimes seeing other people’s methods and rituals help us figure a new, cleaner lifestyle. It's the same as with healthy eating — there is no quick fix, only a change in your daily way of living can do the change. The new Netflix show ‘Tidying Up With Marie Kondo’ is a nice entertaining way of showing that you’re not alone in your mess and how you can easily keep your home a nice space. In case you a good book over streaming — Marie also has several books to help you get your shit together.

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3. Resolution: Be more environmental

Despite some politicians opinions, we can already see the environmental impact our wasteful lifestyle has on this planet. And while we pick up everyone's trash from the streets from NYE, we figure there has to be more we can do. A huge problem is a plastic that’s filling up rivers and oceans. Some countries have already decided to charge extra for plastic bags or take them out of the stores completely, but we know, that’s far from enough. We can, on the other hand, decide, how much plastic we’re using in our everyday life and how many disposable items we choose. A great way to reduce trash is to stop using paper and plastic cups and bags as well as straws. There are great options for boxes, glass cups and metal straws that you can carry everywhere. Just ask your barista to fill your coffee in your own mug, say you won’t need the sandwich in a bag, use a handkerchief to store your muffin.

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4. Resolution: Be more mindful

With the last three months passing by so quickly, we wonder if we’re really at the moment. The Holidays made us think about who we are, where we came from and where we want to get, but the stress and excitement hardly helped us to figure everything out. To get back in touch with yourself, your pain and desire meditation is a wonderful exercise. Though it’s not easy, especially when you never did it before, it’s definitely worth a try. Our favorite meditation app that gives you a great free guide for beginners is Headspace. A calm, British voice helps you with feeling breathing — even thinking right — and with specific problems, you might face like anxiety or anger issues.

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5. Resolution: Care more about myself

You might use a pamper day as a coping mechanism (as many of us do), but a solid self-care-routine can actually help you to be more present and kinder to yourself. Next to the everyday cleaning of our bodies, having an extra day in the week when we focus on relaxation and caring for extras like tinting our lashes, do an at-home manicure, tweezing our brows or soothing our skin with a sheet mask. This should not be practiced in a rush or while you do other things. Just focus on yourself and cherish every step and improvement.

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6. Resolution: Be more active

The queen of the new year’s resolution is the being-more-active-promise. Had a look out of your window in the first days of January? Chances are you’ve seen lots of joggers filled with motivation to make this THEIR year, finally lose those extra pounds or run in a marathon. But the woke millennial knows this is just another prime time for gyms and diet companies and most of the new gym goers won’t touch their fresh membership cards after a couple of weeks. It might be true for most people, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use the New Year’s energy to push yourself at all. One thing, that always makes us excited about gym time is a new outfit to strut the weight lifting isle. Next to having a fixed time to go, so your body gets used to the movement. Think about what gym item you’d really love to keep you excited and reward yourself every month you went with it.

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7. Resolution: Be more daring

Sometimes it’s a little too easy to fall into a comfort zone, especially in the cold season. We start wearing our favorite hoodie to the grocery store even though it’s sprinkled with spaghetti stains and next thing you know you’re only wearing sweats and hoodies — everywhere. We get it, winter is cold, comfort is important. But maybe it’s time to find something new, out of the box you never dared to wear before.

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8. Resolution: Write more

Not everyone has the wish to become the next Maya Angelou or Margaret Atwood. Still, we already mentioned that writing every day can have great benefits for your memory. The same goes for your creativity. Having a little notebook with you to write down thoughts, ideas and even jokes will help you to remember them better and give you a new perspective when you read it later on. For sure, you had these moments where you got hooked on an idea for an essay, a drawing or even a business but a few hours later you can’t make up what it was — just like a dream, you forgot about seconds after waking up. So go on, back your planner, your notebook and your reusable dishes and make 2019 the best year so far.

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