75th Cannes Film Festival Winners Announced

Ruben Östlund Takes Home Second Palme D’Or.


The 75th Cannes Film Festival drew to a close on the 28th of May after 12 days of the jury sequestering themselves in discussions over the films to be awarded. 

Swedish filmmaker Ruben Östlund left the halls of the Palais quaking with a primal scream after receiving a second prestigious Palme d’Or for Triangle of Sadness; which follows a pair of models who become stranded upon a desert island alongside billionaires and a cleaning lady, aimed to provide thought in its audience as something of a modern Lord of the Flies. This follows his previous win in 2017 for The Square, and places Östlund alongside a select few other filmmakers who have also been awarded more than one Palme.

Additional winners included Close by Lukas Dhont, winning Grand Prize, and Stars at Noon by Claire Denis; awarded jointly.


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Park Chan-Wook, known for his 2003 bestseller Oldboy took home the Award for Best Director for Decision to Leave. 

The Award for Best Screeplay went to Tarik Saleh for Walad Min Al Janna - Boy from Heaven, a thriller set in Cairo which remains banned in Egypt for its ‘unflattering’ portrayal of the Egyptian police.

Jury director Vincent Lindon went on to favor joint awards, the Jury Prize going to both Jerzy Skolimowski for Eo (a very donkey centric film, for which Skolimowski thanked all six of his donkeys for inspiration in his acceptance speech), alongside Le Otto Montage – The Eight Mountains by Charlotte Vandersmeersch and Felix van Groeningen; an adaptation of Paolo Cognetti’s novel following the intricacies of a friendship facing strains from the outside world.

The 75th Anniversary Prize went to Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, previous Palme winner, for Tori and Lokita – following the story of two teenagers from Benin trying to survive exploitation of immigrants in Belgium.

Zar Amir Ebrahami took home the Award for Best Actress for her role in Holy Spider, and Song Khang-ho the Award for Best Actor for his performance in Broker.

For the short films, Jianying Chen won a Palme d’Or for The Water Murmurs, and the Camera d’or was awarded to Riley Keough and Gina Gammell for War Pony.

The festival was something of a return to normality following a two-year period of chaos in the wake of Covid, and was concluded with Lindon responding to a great wave of applause with “we need for more years!”

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