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Making Work For Idle Hands: 7 Ways To Get Touchy When You’re Giving Head

Blow-jobs and busy hands are a combo for an amplified sex life


Let’s face it: Giving head can be one of the most boring—and maybe tiring—sex acts if you’re on the giving end. But bringing your hands into the mix can be an excellent way to add some variety and turn you into a supercharged Hoover.

So if you’ve been in that place—deep in the lap of your man and unsure of how to multitask—here are a few options:


1. Surprise the Thighs

Rubbing your hands up and down a guy’s thighs can arouse your man and gear him up for a blowjob. But thigh-grazing doesn’t have to end there. Throughout your oral escapades, give the thighs a slow rub, with occasional pressure-filled grabs. This is a good signal to get him moving too; he’ll probably start flexing his thighs in response to your stimuli.


2. Clutch His Hutch

If he’s standing up and you’re on your knees, grabbing his ass cheeks is a good way to bring the domination back into your court. It’s also an excellent opportunity to delight in that muscular bubbly butt you might not always have the chance to feel up. The benefit of this move is that it can take a mellow blowjob to a much more active place—pushing against his cheeks can initiate a full-blown face fucking.


3. Take a Crack at the Sack

A guy’s balls may seem like a no-no spot, being so sensitive and all. But with just the slightest amount of pressure, you can send shivers up his spine and show him that you’re not fucking around. Be careful though, you don’t want to squeeze too hard on the actual testicles—that can shut down the party in your mouth. Instead, try squeezing at the top of the ballsack, above the family jewels—this will pull on and tighten the sensitive parts of the dick and allow you to hit more pleasure points.


4. Crank the Tank

Many times, there’s more than enough room to invite your hands over to join the dick. And if you need some extra space, just try keeping your mouth fixated on the head. Working the shaft over with both mouth and hands can be a great power move when you need a little extra help to bring a guy to the finish line. To mix up the motions, try softly twisting your hand—or both if your dude is huge—around the base. Just be sure to make sure everything is properly lubricated so you don’t leave him with the impression of sandpaper palms.


5. Give The Chest Your Best

Caressing a man’s stomach helps reinforce the idea that you’re into his “whole body,” even if he’s only focused on his love muscle at that moment. Try lightly scratching your nails against his stomach (without tickling!) to get a few quivers out of him. The fun part about this move: It doesn’t have to stop at the six-pack. As you get closer to the finale, you can give his nipples a light tug or twist. Nipples are a solid erogenous zone for men and women, especially if they are pierced.


6. Stroll to the Hole

You knew this one was coming! Men, including straight ones, are slowly but surely getting more comfortable with anal play, as they discover how the prostate is a hidden pleasure spot that can send them over the edge. However, not all men have ventured into this territory, so start slowly and make sure he’s not going to freak out about it.

This maneuver will take a little extra preparation: Have some lube on hand so your finger (or more) can make a smooth entrance. If he’s OK with it all, move your finger around in that “come hither” motion and search for a small gland that may feel a little like a tiny walnut. That’s the prostate—and it alone can make a guy cum. If you’re uncomfortable with going this deep, you can tamely stimulate this area by simply applying pressure to the taint while he gets close.


7. Diddle Your Skittle (Or Tickle Your Pickle)

If you’re giving pleasure and want to receive some, you don’t have to automatically fall into that uncomfortable 69 trap. Keep your hands busy by touching yourself in that special way only you know how to do. With the right planning, you might both be able to climax at the same time, so you won’t have to be left hanging.

Bonus Move: If none of these options seem passionate enough for you, try giving him sign language to tell him you love him—since your mouth is full and all. Just kidding, blow jobs aren’t about love, they are about manipulation.