7 Things That Can Trigger A Positive Change In A Person

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Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve either been around a person who seems to have changed their life around overnight for the better, or even woke up yourself feeling like a brand new you ready to finally seize all your hopes and dreams?

Well, you’re not alone. Perhaps you’ve seen someone suffer so long from some sort of mental health disorder, substance abuse, anger problems, lack of drive, or a spending issue. Perhaps you were that person. Suddenly that person (or yourself) changes, and not even in small amounts. Literally all at once.

Should we be worried?

It’s easy to believe that the change might have come about from something we should be worried about, which is a valid thought. After all, it appeared out of nowhere.
But what if it’s not? What if the change came about from a ripping effect of another change in that person’s life?Following are 7 possible things that could explain why a person would suddenly change in a positive way. Perhaps it might even inspire you if you’re also on the fringes!

Having a child.

Often times a pregnancy can spark a change in a person. It’s not uncommon for many women to give up smoking or drugs in fear of hurting their child. From once struggling to kick the bad habit out, suddenly a child is enough to drive a mother to cleaning herself up.
The same can be said of a father - perhaps his issue is alcoholism. Knowing they must now step up to the plate, a lot of men testify to turning to sobriety in hope of being a better example for their child.

Grief from the loss of a loved one.

A death in the family can put our lives into perspective. It reminds us of the vulnerability and shortness of life: to cherish it and live every moment to the fullest. This may trigger a change in a person because they realize they must grow up and, for example, fulfil a dream or aspiration that they’ve long held off.


Sometimes a change can happen at random. You hear people say things like “I’ve had an epiphany”. One day they just woke up and realized that something has to give. Perhaps that epiphany is a path to a career that once was not clear, or an epiphany of a much-needed lifestyle change, such as exercising and eating healthier. Our subconscious has a way of telling us what we really feel and think, and it can hit us like a ton of bricks out of nowhere.

Falling in love.

Being in love can spark a major change in a person. It might elevate that person to do better and have a good impression on their other half. Their partner might motivate them when they struggle to motivate themselves. People are generally happier when in love so in that happiness they might find drive and passion that they once lacked.


When a person challenges another person and criticizes them for their lack of care, effort, or drive, it might sometimes cause the latter to look inwards for once. Sometimes the criticism might be subtle. For example, if an alcoholic father dresses up for an important work event, a friend or neighbor might say something like “wow I didn’t know you could look like that”.
The implication is that the father is often so drunk and unkept that people didn’t think it were possible to see him in a different light. That might drive the father to see himself in a different light, too, and perhaps change his poor habits.

Job loss.

A job loss might encourage a person to believe that it is a sign to look for something better and more desirable. They’ll go out on a limb and try to prove that to themselves and others. Our society has a way of making unemployed people feel worthless but being unemployed for too long can make an individual feel unimportant.

In fear of falling into that trap, a person who has lost their job might just decide to put all their chips into one basket and reach for their dreams. Their work ethic will improve, as will their outlook on life in itself.

An ultimatum.

It can be tough to watch a loved one suffer from being an alcoholic or a drug user. But at some point, enough is enough. Some people go down the tough love route and give the person who needs to change an ultimatum: either go into rehab or this is it.

That could be a wife or husband threatening divorce, or parents threatening to kick their child out. This might sometimes trigger a response in the person because they realize what is at risk if they continue as they have been. In time, that person might thank their loved ones for being tougher on them because it made them respect themselves more and value what they have.


So next time you see someone make a positive and dramatic change in themselves, it might be worth wondering if any of these 7 things could be the reason why. You might just find yourself inspired by them!


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