5 Weird Skincare Routines That Surprisingly Work

How far are you willing to go for clear skin?


So many of us are chasing that elusive clear skin life but our routine, as jam-packed as it is with all the modern-day tips and tricks, just doesn’t seem to be doing enough. Cleansing, maybe double-cleansing, toning, serum, hydrating moisturizer and maybe some acne treatments. 

But the beauty world is so wide and expansive that every day there seems to be something new on the horizon that we are told is imperative for clear skin goals. Lately what seems to be coming out of the woodwork are some pretty strange stuff. And what’s even stranger is that there are experts who actually swear by them. 

Intrigued? Fascinated? Maybe a little creeped out? Don’t worry, we were too. Here are five that you might want to consider trying. 

Vampire Facial

This shouldn’t be too new to you. Vampire facials have been a thing for a little while now. This skincare treatment - which took a whole new life when Kim Kardashian was said to be a fan - involves a dermatologist extricating your own blood and then injecting it back into your face in order to promote cell turnover. What this does is increase the rate in which fine lines and wrinkles disappear, as well as evening out your skin tone to remove redness or old blemishes and scars. 

Sure, it does sound a little scary and odd, but it seems to do the trick. If uneven skin tone and aging signs are skin issues for you then this might be a treatment worth trying. 

Bee Venom Mask

Bee venom doesn’t really sound very appropriate to put on your mask. In fact, it sounds like something one should steer very clear of. However, in mask form, it’s said to get rid of acne, fine lines and wrinkles. 

It may sting upon application and cause some burning and redness but once the effect dies down - with continual use - you should see a dramatic increase in the texture and appearance of your skin. 

Chemical Peels

Like vampire facials, a chemical peel is something that has become a big talking point in the beauty industry and should have reached your ears by now. 
A dermatologist will apply a chemical solution to your skin in order to remove the top layers. This will lead to redness, irritation, maybe swelling depending on the severity of the treatment. 

You might be asking yourself why on earth would someone put themselves through that. Well, according to the Mayo Clinic, once the new skin grows back - which can take weeks granted – what will be left is improved skin with visible change to texture and skin elasticity. Chemical peels are great for people who want a younger, softer appearance. 

Placenta Facial

Okay, let’s be honest, sheep placenta on one’s face does not sound like something anybody should be doing. It just sounds wrong, right? 

Well, surprise-surprise, this is yet another facial treatment that is said to do wonders for your skin. Because the cells are so similar to the stem cells found in humans, when used under an LED light, the skin will fully absorb the placenta facial and promote clear, youthful skin. There are also treatments on offer where placenta cells - from humans, too - are directly injected into the skin instead. Urm, what?!

Facial Acupuncture

Hands up if you’re scared of needles *stops typing and raises hand* 

Well, facial acupuncture is basically inserting incredibly thin needles into the facial skin at different points. Yeah, you heard right. 

Acupuncture is a treatment that’s been going on for centuries as a way of healing bodily pains and even treating mental health. When used on the face in this way, however it’s said to fade wrinkles by promoting new collagen and thus making the skin more elastic and softer to touch. 

What do you make of these weird 5 skincare routines? Here at Fizzy Mag we say, if clear skin is what you want, then clear skin you’ll get. No harm in trying, right? *shivers*


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