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5 Things To Enjoy After Great Sex

What To Consume After Tasting Each Other


You’re panting in short intervals, the sheets are soaked, hanging off the mattress, even the picture frames are sitting crooked on the walls; You’ve just finished indulging in some hot, potent sex—the type that makes you want to tell your partner “I love you” without feeling like a psycho—and yet you can’t help but think “what comes next?” Whether it’s just a one-night-affair, or a bi-weekly arrangement with your preferred lover of choice, there’s still an undeniable rise in appetite that lingers after a solid performance from both parties. The question is an appetite for what exactly?

Upon heavy research, conducting countless late-night experiments, we’ve come up with a handful of romantic ‘desserts’ to enjoy that follow the ‘main dish’ that is your lover:

1. A Smoke (Joint or Cigarette)

In somewhat of a ‘Pulp Fiction’ type scenario, there’s something so attractive about a woman’s beet-red lips exhaling a cloud of thick, grey smoke while admiring her after sex. Not only is this artistically and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, a good smoke is a great way to take the edge off and keep you’re body relaxed after all the tensing up and convulsing. If you prefer weed instead, this allows for your senses to become enhanced, making you hornier and giving your bedmate the look for a round 2 (or 5 or 6).

2. Wine

Possibly the most romantic option to choose from, a glass of wine—cheap or expensive—is a classy, traditional way to curb the appetite that follows a sexual encounter. Men, she will see you as romantic, cultured, and of a Casanova-like status if you have this displayed on your night table. For a woman, this can be an all out deal-breaker, giving you the Marilyn Monroe aura and making him feel like you’re the one, but from a different era.

3. Fruit (Preferably Berries)

This is perfect for the frisky, playful couples that like to wrestle around and toy with their food afterward. No matter what berries you choose from—strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, even cherries—these feel and taste amazing once they land on your tired tongues. Their sweet nectar is a perfect way to balance all the salty sweat you’ve tasted for the past hour or so. Nothing short of delicious, berries can also make for a type of oral foreplay if you decide to eat them off one another.

4. Ice Cream—Chocolate

Just like when you eat out at a restaurant, you like your meat-filled main course to be followed by a light, sugary-sweet dessert (puns entirely intended). Topping off an aggressive night of moist fornicating, ice cream fills you up where you haven’t been filled already. While keeping you calm, cool, and collective, there’s nothing better than sharing a spoonful while spooning one another in bed. Your cold spoon can then be used as a way to rehab those awful hickeys that have been left on your neck.

5. Homemade Pasta

Finally, for those of us that like to impress by cooking for our company, homemade pasta is the best way to keep both parties full and satisfied. The carbs you’ve just finished burning off can now be restored with an excellent plate of thick, creamy Alfredo angel hair. The parsley, lemon, and basil included in your recipe can also be a great way to detox your throbbing urethras from all the debauchery you’ve partaken in.

*Ways to consume these can be: one or the other, in chronological order, or all at once*