4 Ways To Bond With A Sports Fanatic When You're Dating

Couples with separate beliefs are less likely to match and stay together.



Is it wrong to want to change your man in multiple ways? No. Is it unrealistic? Probably. Guys love sports, and there’s nothing wrong with that for the most part. The problem is, if you hate football, cricket, rugby, and everything they stand for, there’s bound to be a natural dividing line.

While there’s nothing wrong with having different interests or beliefs, it can be a slippery slope. eHarmony points out that 1.6 million relationships ended because of Brexit negotiations, and although that seems more important than a game of five-a-side; the truth is that couples with separate beliefs are less likely to match and stay together. The last thing you want to do is lie, so what are your options?

1. Lay It on the Line 

There’s no point pretending to be someone you are not, even though many successful relationships are based on such foundations #hypocrites. Of course, the difference between a few white lies and informing the guy you’re dating you’re a massive Arsenal fan and can’t wait to take him “on the Emirates" is stark. It’s known as “wokefishing,” outlined by Health as when you pretend to be “woke” to impress a love interest. It’s bound to cause tension when you’re inevitably caught out, so the best option is to open and honest upfront. Well, 99% of the time.

2. Try and Learn the Rules

Forget about the team’s history and who did what when because he’ll gladly relay the information if you’re curious. Instead, stick to the basics such as “offside” and “leg before wicket” (lbw) as these are easier to remember and will come in handy when he’s screaming them at the TV. At least you’ll know why he’s so worked up. On a side note, learning the rules gives the game meaning, makes it more interesting to watch.

3. Add Some Excitement 

Okay, you know you’re going to be bored, but you have to try because sports are a big part of his life and ain’t going anywhere. That means getting your thrills where you can, and there’s no better place to start than a wager. According to Bonus Finder UK, there are tonnes of risk-free bets that let you follow the game with heightened interest. Plus, the BBC notes that it’s an excellent way for you and your boy to get closer, as the prospect is fun and encourages the body to release adrenalin and endorphins. If all else fails, you can bash his least favourite team to get on his good side!

4. Get Your Post-season Fill 

Ladies, the good news is that the season can’t go on forever, which means you’ll see more of him and less of grown men diving on the floor. But, be warned – it’s coming home. Yes, a sport of some sort will start sooner than you realise, and you’ll have to go back to compromising, so it’s essential to get your fill before the end of the pre-season and plan your bonding time accordingly.

As you can tell, it’s not the end of the world. So long as he knows that you come first, you should be able to find a middle ground.


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