3 Ideas For A Dope Date Night Straight Out Of An Indie Movie

For those of you who crave some good old romance from time to time.


Swept up in the heady post-modern world of tinder dates, online dating and casual sex, finding some good old-fashioned romance can be a tricky thing. Don’t get us wrong, we at Fizzy Mag love everything about the sexual freedom us millennials enjoy nowadays. If easy-breezy is what you want, you go girl!

But it's also alright to lay in your bed on a Sunday, well knowing you're an independent beautiful woman who is completely confident with her sexuality and sexual appetite, and crave some old-school fireworks and romance. And because those bland restaurant reservations and silence-filled hours of going to the movies don’t exactly get us going, here are our “3 Ideas For A Dope Date Night Straight Out Of An Indie Movie”:

1. Love under the Sea – A day at the aquarium

Let’s dive (pun intended) right into our first date idea. Is there a better way to get to know a person than by their taste in music? Both start by creating a playlist with your top ten favorite songs and swap them out. Head to the aquarium. Bring headphones. Right as you head in both press play and walk around the underwater world trying to figure each other out by only your taste in music and body language. You can bring some notepads to write each other notes or ask intimate questions like “Pssst, what’s your favorite type of fish?!”. Don’t take out the headphones until you’ve finished the playlist! Guaranteed for some awkward laughs, heart-racing and fish-fluttery butterfly feels.

2. Purple Haze and Stargaze – Head out to the planetarium

This one is a no-brainer. Literally. First things first, get a little stoned with your partner (or more than a little, depends on what you’re into really). Pack up some snacks, smuggle some booze in that over-sized shirt of yours and head out to the planetarium. Lay down on the ground together and look up into the artificial sky while some middle-aged male voice from the speakers above invites you to take a trip through the solar system. Start up some real Deep conversation, bring question cards if you like (honestly, they’re hella fun!) while sneakily trying to explore your partners body in the half-dark. Enjoy the electricity of laying next to each other in a trance-like state of anticipation, being a little high and sizzling sexual tension.

3. Literal Love-Making – Getting frisky at the public library

This one is for those of you who are out there to dare something or even for couples who are trying to spice things up a little. So, the basic idea is somewhat like a scavenger hunt. You write your partner a list with clues leading them to your three favorite books in the library and vice versa. Inside each of your favorite books you and your partner will have put notes with something they want you to do for them, a “dare” if you will so. It can be anything from “pretend we’re strangers and you’re trying to pick me up by my taste in books” to “read me an extract from an erotic novel” to “find me in a dark corner and make out with me until someone notices” or even further… all up to your imagination. Whoever completes all dares first wins. Who could resist some good old competition fueled dating-fun?

Alright ladies, now get in that dating game and change things up! Let us know if you tried some of our ideas out, we’re super excited to hear how your dates turned out! (But in case you get a fine for doing funky business in a public library, we ain’t taking responsibility.

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