Photo: Lusha Alic for Fizzy Mag

10 Signs You Have The Crazy Girlfriend Syndrome


Ever since social media made its debut, it has slowly been the death of relationships. It’s something our parent’s never had to worry about, but anyone under thirty has been bit by the social media bug. With millions of apps taking over the world wide web, people can see everything one does just by looking through their social media accounts.

One aspect that comes from the whirlwind we call the internet is that girlfriend’s everywhere have an inside look at what their boyfriends are doing twenty-four-seven. This brought on the disease we have come to know as: the Crazy Girlfriend Syndrome (“CGFS”).

Here are the Ten Signs You Have the Crazy Girlfriend Syndrome:

10. “He liked what?”

9. “Is that him in the background?”

8. “Why did he just follow her?”

7. “Why did she like three of his Instagram pictures?”

6. “Why hasn’t he answered me?”

5. “He wants to go out with the guys tonight.”

4. “She commented on his picture?!”

3. “It’s Monday, why hasn’t he asked me what I want to do on Saturday?”

2. “Why are you two liking each other’s statuses?

1. “Why am I acting like this?!”

Now that you’ve diagnosed yourself with one of the most common diseases, here is the cure. CALM YOURSELF. If you need to do all of this in your relationship, you need to sit back and re-evaluate. Crazy girlfriends are so 2012 and now being the relaxed, chill girlfriend is the new style.

The best cures for the GCFS is as follows:

– Breakup: if you’re unhappy and driving yourself mad, let it go and make yourself happy.
– Talk about it: if you’re a CGF, believe me your significant other knows. Talk it out.
– Chill: vent to your closest friends and get an outsiders opinion, preferably one you haven’t turned into a GCF would be best.
– Delete social media: yes, we said it. One of the reason’s you’re acting like this is because you can see everything, everyone does at all times. Now imagine if you couldn’t. Feel a lot calmer, right?

With 2017 right around the corner, nothing says Happy Holidays like a calm, collective, happy girlfriend. Best gift you can get your significant other.