Rihanna cashier pop up shop
Image via people.com / KEVIN MAZUR/GETTY

Rihanna May Be Your Cashier Next Time You Go Shopping

And you better have her money 💸💸💸


Imagine you’re shopping at your favorite spot and are about to cash out. You make your way up to the register and see Rihanna— yes, the one and only RiRi— working the register. Uhm, we’d actually be hyperventilating. Well, the self-proclaimed “bad girl” rolled up her sleeves and did just that in LA on Tuesday. Rihanna played cashier at her Fenty x Puma pop-up event, and as you can imagine, the crowd went wild. 

The fact Rihanna wasn’t just appearing but also working the event made the whole situation unforgetable. As expected, Instagram was immediately flooded with Rihanna pics from the pop-up event. While Fenty x Puma customers were more excited than ever to hand over their money to the cashier, RiRi was happy to take photos and interact with her fans. Watch Rihanna work, work, work, work, work, work below. 


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