Rihanna gucci outfit 2

Rihanna's Glitter Body Suit Was The Best (And Most Shocking) Outfit At Coachella

Literally shining bright like a diamond.


Rihanna, queen of daring style moments, put all other festive festival-goers to shame at Coachella this weekend by wearing the most intense look of them all: A sparkly Gucci bodysuit complete with a matching face cover, ripped denim shorts, black platform boots and some studded black sunglasses. 

In a seriously relatable instagram post, Rihanna captioned a shot of her look, “I can’t go home yet, cuz enough people ain’t seen my outfit.” We feel that, RiRi.

She then took the look to a whole new level by adding a sparkly face covering, while somehow still managing to keep her sunglasses on— and also somehow look stunning. 

Judging from these pics, it’s safe to say Rihanna squashed the all the competition for “best Coachella look” with ease. Keep shining bright, RiRi. 


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