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This App Can Detect Your Anxiety Before You Even Feel It



Let's be real here, anxiety is a bitch – especially when it seemingly bursts out of nowhere, hellbent on ruining our day as if it had a mind of its own. Although there are tons of handy apps like Headspace that help us regain our equilibrium once the anxiety has arrived, it's often really hard to work out what our triggers are, so that we can work towards eliminating future attacks. Encouragingly, there's a new app that claims to solve this problem.

Using a nifty bracelet, the Airo Health app tracks your nervous system every second of the day to detect when you're stressed and counsels you on how to relieve it using personalized information about your body and your routine. “It gives you back the control of your life, and it lets you objectively measure your anxiety so no one can say 'it's not real' or 'just get over it,'” a representative from Airo tells Bustle.

Using its statistical analysis, Airo buzzes silently as soon as it detects a rise in stress levels so that you can consciously take action before it gets out of hand. Quite unsurprisingly to anxiety sufferers, body and mind aren't always in sync, which explains those nasty out-of-the-blue fight-or-flight attacks. Once you are aware of your body's heightened stress, you can then use the guided and personalized breathing exercises to bring yourself back into balance. The best thing about the technology is that it might help you identify those elusive triggers and put you firmly back in the driving seat.

What do you think of the idea?

Learn more at Airo, where the app and device retails for $199.


This app is the new millennial secret to beating sleepless nights.

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