The millenial answer to better sleep

The New Millennial Secret To Beating Sleepless Nights

'Pink noise' is as sweet as it sounds.


We're no stranger to a bad night's sleep. Whether it's self-inflicted – via caffeine, sugar and iPhone overload – or thanks to a bad case of anxiety or insomnia, sleep feels as elusive as a stable relationship these days. The good news is, we Millennials have got some pretty nifty tech on our side.

'Pink noise' is the Millennial-AF new solution to restless nights – and don't worry, it's not anything like the chhhhhhhhh of white noise we remember from our old TV sets, and definitely not anything like brown noise (barf). The pretty-sounding noise improves your quality of sleep with a balanced, steady mix of high and low frequencies, getting its name because light of the same frequency appears pink.

And science backs it up: Studies have found that 'pink noise' can help enhance your memory and concentration and increase your patterns of deep sleep.

Listen to 'pink noise' for free by downloading the Sleep and Noise Sounds app.  

Always feeling exhasted? Read our WAKE THE F UP guide.


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