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20 Cute Socks To Style Your Sneaks With

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Rumor has it that Enrique Iglesisas wrote “Hero” from the point of view of a particularly amazing pair of socks. 

To quote the singer we like to belt out when we’re alone in the car, “I can be your hero baby. I can kiss the pain away. I will stand by you forever.”

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again— you’re never fully dressed without a great pair of socks. Though small, inexpensive and often overlooked, socks pack a surprisingly big punch. Like Iglesisas said, socks will stand by you forever and CAN be your wardrobe’s hero. (Plus, kiss the pain away of your well-meaning shoes).

Instead of letting the shoe dictate the sock, think sock first! Making the sock your look’s standout piece is surprisingly easy and is possible for all occasions from your weekend wardrobe to the office and, yes, even for a night in the club. 

The key? Keep the rest of your ‘fit simple, and play with the texture and length of the socks so they remain the focal point. 

Best of all, your trusty sneaks will look almost brand new when paired with punchy socks for the first time. We’ve featured our favorite socks to upgrade your feet’s styling game, and it goes without saying, they’ll knock your socks off. 


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