Rose brunch deodorant

Your Pits Can Now Smell Like Booze, Thanks To This Brunch-Themed Deodorant Line

Choose from Rosé, Mimosa and Sangria.


We live and die by our brunch plans. Each Sunday morning, we wake up hangry, hungover and ready to devour avocado toast, bacon and hash browns with a side of bottomless mimosas. But before we even get to our highly anticipated, early-afternoon meal, we spend hours on Yelp scouring the best-rated brunch spots in a 10-mile radius and then, waiting another few hours in line for a table. The dedication is real. If you’re as devoted to brunch as we are, we have some good news… You can now take your love of the meal to an entirely new place. To your armpits.

The newest drop from Native, a brand that prides itself on natural aluminum-free deodorants that actually work, is called Brunch Scents. And yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. The menu consists of Rosé, Mimosa and Sangria, each product scented with essential oils that make it actually smell like booze. So much so that if you went a little too hard last night and the thought of alcohol makes you nauseous, we recommend you forget about opening this deo. 

For $30, you can get the entire set and have your boozy fix all summer without the hangover. But similar to your fav brunch spot, there is a waitlist to order online. So, you better add your name faster than you make a reservation at the new brunch place in town. 


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