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Instagrammer @martinailsss Transforms Sneaks And Streetwear Into Rad Illustrations

This is an account you're going to want on your feed.


When it comes to expressive subcultures, the world of sneakerheads has recently become one of the most ubiquitous, talked about cliques. While there are plenty of fashionistas sporting Nike and Adidas, there's a deeper world out there that takes the sneaker obsession to a whole new level. If you thought streetwear was just something to clothe yourself in, think again. Artists, influencers and creatives are now using sneakers for inspiration beyond their wardrobes. 

Madrid-based illustrator Marta Ruiz is delving into everyday street culture with her art. Ruiz’s refreshing illustration style is without a doubt making waves in the ever so competitive world of art, and her Instagram is definitely an account you want to have on your feed. Ruiz takes 3D streetwear items, like buzzed about sneaks, and transforms the fashion into creative, fresh 2D art. She even gives classic Disney Princesses a new life as sneakerheads— who really needs a Prince Charming when you have rad footwear, right? Each of Ruiz’s illustrations is individual and features a killer wardrobe; even we’re a little bit envious of her fictional characters' looks. View some of our favorite illustrations below, and follow Ruiz on Instagram.

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