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This Guy's Prom Date Rejected Him, So He Took Kylie Jenner Instead

Yes, we are actually serious.


If there’s one thing that will help you bounce back after a promposal rejection, it’s getting a renowed celeb to accompany you as your date. It sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what happened to high school junior Albert Ochoa, who showed up to Rio Americano High School’s Junior Prom with Kylie Jenner on his arm. As soon as the duo arrived, the prom attendees went crazy and documented the entire thing on social media because, well, who wouldn’t?! It’s Kylie Jenner in the flesh, people!

 Jenner was unable to go to her own prom due to her unconventional adolescence, as she was just a little bit busy filming a reality show and building her empire. Fortunately, she didn’t miss out on the experience in the long run, and from the looks of it, it appears she was having a fantastic time (and so was her date, of course). A major win-win.  

“When the guy you rejects backup for prom is Kylie Jenner,” she tweeted, along with a crying-laughing emoji. 

Also, from the looks of a video posted on Twitter, a camera crew was accompanying Jenner to the event.

Hmmm… does this mean we can expect to see some more prom footage on the Jenner’s new spin-off show Life of Kylie? Only time will tell!


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