Here Kim Kardashian Shows Us Mortals How She Does Her Makeup

And she answers Twitter questions. At the same damn time.


The world of celebrities and influencers collided this week, when Kim Kardashian teamed up with YouTube sensation Jaclyn Hill for a chatty #GRWM video. Attracting more than four million subscribers on her channel, Jaclyn actually first gained popularity by uploading a Kim K-inspired makeup tutorial. Almost five years later, things are coming full circle.

Jaclyn kicks off the video by lamenting the fact that she has her weave in and got a spray tan the night before, but Kim still looks better than her. (One of the few comments in this video that we can actually sympathize with.) Then, the duo begin to apply their makeup, and if you’re a beauty amateur like us, the whole process will have you like, “WTF?!” Priming, baking, contouring, bronzing, highlighting, under-eye powdering? Painting the Mona Lisa would probably be less complicated. And the featured look is actually Kim’s toned down makeup routine since she’s a mom and no longer has time to “spend two and a half hours in the makeup chair." 

Watch the full video above, and prepare to take some pretty detailed notes if you want to try and recreate the science that is Kim K's makeup


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