Fear and loathing in las vegas hawaii shirtImage: Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas

The Summer Trend NO One Saw Coming: Hawaiian Shirts, Everyone

Yep, legit


If you can’t go on vacation, you have to bring vacation to you. And what’s a better way than searching for your dad’s vintage Aloha shirt? Yup, the infamous Hawaiian shirt is back in the game. Usually guys pick up on the gals’ trends, but this time, it’s the other way around. If you scout the streets of fashion capitals like New York, LA, Paris etc., you'll find city girls riding the Hawaii-wave—coming to your city soon!


Et opslag delt af Transform-Day (@cha19910205) den

In order to get the summer vibe on, we created a few rules on how to wear these colorful, bright and floral shirts the right way. Thank us later: 

1. The rest of your outfit should be ba👏sic👏. You shouldn’t.
2. Oversized is good, but don’t exaggerate.
3. Works with all kind of jeans:  long and short, cropped or baggie. Can’t go wrong!
4. Keep your hair and makeup natural.
5. In case it gets a little chilly outside: wear a white t-shirt or crop top underneath it—keep that belly warm.
6. Finish off with cool accessories: sunglasses, a beanie, creoles or a big ass gold necklace.
7. And if you can’t find it in the womenswear department, go to the menswear section. Fashion is gender fluid, man. Nobody is judging anymore!

Motel Hawaiian Style Shirt In Floral Print

Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Cropped Hawaiian Shirt

Metallic Cloqué Jacquard Shirt
$1,710.00 / $1,026.00 -40

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