“Been there. Done that. Will probably do it again.”
Danijel vukoja

Danijel Vukoja


I am a part of a new generation of artsy, jiggy, beat-addicted fashion-lovers, who likes to travel in order to receive a kingdom for myself. Based in Germany (most of the time) I am actually a student ready to conquer the business of fashion brands, but am always keeping street fashion my number one priority.

Danijel Vukoja's articles
No sesso
The Future Of Fashion Has NO SESSO!
The binary gender is living in 2017, while LA brand NO SESSO is out there living in 3017.
Pieces lookbook collection
Fashion gender
Matthew miller backstage london fashion week
XOXO: Backstage At Matthew Miller SS18
Is off-lips lipstick an upcoming trend or did a passionate kissing orgy take place?
Tear away pant
The Tear Away Pant: Evergreen Or Fad?
Ripped jeans fashion trend
Marisa bryant
Coconut oil 2
Maybe She's Born With It, Maybe It's Coconut Oil
Mother nature provides us with beauty products that you local drug store could never overdo.
Louisa von cuborg 3
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