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Image Source: harpersbazaar.com

How To Melt The Internet: Be Harry Styles And Wear THIS Suit

All of the YAS for this look.


Breaking news: Harry Styles has officially embraced this generation’s favorite color. Yesterday, the singer was spotted rocking a millennial pink suit while performing on the Today show. And we just have one question: What can't Harry Styles wear? 

The British singer owned the stage wearing a bubblegum pink suit with a black shirt underneath, and wow, oh wow. We can feel our hearts racing. 

The tailored ensemble— especially those flared pants— is reminiscent of a ‘70s disco star, and Styles pulls off the retro look effortlessly. "Pink is the only true rock & roll color," Styles said in his Rolling Stone cover story, quoting Paul Simonon of The Clash.

Considering Styles is a serious purveyor of all things Gucci, it’s surprising that this suit isn’t from the luxury fashion house. The look is by Edward, Sexton, a British designer who previously worked with Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney. Although the designer choice is unexpected, the Internet seems to overwhelming approve of Style's unconventionally lovable suit. 


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