Watch Harry Styles Use A 1D Mind Trick On Security Guard

What can't he do?


He can sing. He looks good in everything he wears. And it turns out the TV cameras love him too. 

Harry Styles kicked off his four-night residency on James Corden’s "The Late Late Show," and he looked totally in his element. 

The British pop star opened his guest appearance with a sketch in which he was blocked in the CBS lobby by a no-nonsense security guard. “You’re Harry Styles, sure. And I’m Katy Perry,” the guard retorted. “If you’re Harry Styles, then where’s the rest of One Direction?” True to Styles' form, he accepted the gate keeper's words as a challenge. To get past the front desk, Styles had to pull out the big guns. He used a 1D mind trick (and his irresistible good looks) to turn here brain into goo. But when Corden tried the same stunt, it totally backfired. Watch the entire clip above for a good laugh. 


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