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Why Millennial Pink Is The Color Taking Over The Fashion World

Shot by Guido Di Salle


You’ve spotted it everywhere: Sneakers, Glossier’s beauty product packaging, Rihanna’s newest fashion line— this is the year of millennial pink. While design enthusiasts refer to it as Scandi Pink, this saccharine hue —a heady mix of salmon, blush and bubblegum— has been coined the color of the moment by everyone from Vogue to New York magazine. 

The color has created such a buzz, scientists are searching for a logical explanation. According to the Journal of Orthomolecular Psychiatry, this hue has a legit superpower to reduce stress and aggression. Some researchers suggest the color might even be an appetite suppressor: Just ask model Kendall Jenner, who painted her room a shade of blush in order to keep her diet in check. 

No matter the context, there’s no denying that the color has a certain charm. For our latest Fizzytorial, photographer Guido Di Salle dove into the trend with a softly lit shoot. Styled by Jasmine Makela, model Ruqayyah dons a series of blush-y styles that would have any Tumblr user ready to reblog. Further latching onto current trends, makeup artist Jamie Bratslavsky created a look all about fresh, clear skin. Featuring minimal makeup and this season’s color obsession, Salle’s shoot is filling us with bright inspiration and even, at least for a moment, keeping us calm. 

Photography: GUIDO DI SALLE @guidodisalle

Styling: JASMINE MAKELA @jasminemakela

Makeup: JAMIE BRATSLAVSKY @jamiebmakeup

Model: RUQAYYAH @ruqayyah_kj at Peggi Lepage @peggilepage_models and B&M Models @bnmodels

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