Gucci Drops A Pre-Fall 2017 Campaign Celebrating All-Black '60s Youth

Gucci Drops A Pre-Fall 2017 Campaign Celebrating All-Black '60s Youth


Not a day goes by when one of our fashionable faves isn’t traipsing the streets of the world’s style capitals in a piece from Gucci. The Italian fashion house has reached a whole new level of global popularity recently, but despite this commercialization, Gucci still hasn’t lost its sense of what’s both cool and important. 

Gucci just dropped its pre-fall campaign, titled “Soul Scene,” and it’s one of the most colorful, carefree projects from the label yet. Shot in London, the campaign is a tribute to the Northern Soul movement of the ‘60s. In addition, it was also inspired by photographer Malick Sidibé, who documented youth culture in his hometown of Bamako. Shot by Glen Luchford, the featured Gucci campaign effortlessly fuses these two individual black youth movements into one photoshoot. 

Gucci shared that “Soul Scene” is “an exploration of the flamboyance and self-expression of men and women who challenge the conventions of society through performance, art and dance.”

This campaign first generated buzz earlier this year when Gucci released a few of the models' and dancers’ audition tapes and announced the forthcoming campaign would feature an all-black cast. 

“Soul Scene” is a major step towards inclusion by one of the most visible luxury houses, inside a sphere where racial diversity continues to be woefully lacking. In a business that prioritizes conformity, it’s encouraging to see fashion leaders like Gucci releasing creative, boundary-pushing work. Scroll through the entire campaign above. 


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