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Wanna Tan Sticky Skin Free? Glossier Just Invented THIS

No More Miss Sticky Skin


When it comes to sun protection, there’s only one that’ll be on everybody’s sun kissed lips this Summer, Glossier’s Invisible Shield. Announced only days ago by the cult brand, the sunscreen is available for purchase already from the Glossier website and we can’t wait to see if it really lives up to the hype.

A water based gel formula, this clear concoction of aloe leaf, vitamins E, P and orange essential oil is for everyday use and designed specifically to be worn over the top of your daily moisturizer. Like other oil based sun protectors such as the famed P20, you must apply the gel all over 15 minutes before sun exposure, only this one won’t leave you feeling greasy or chalky. Oh and it’s also hypoallergenic too for those of a sensitive disposition!


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